Industry Leading Warranty Programs

  • The project doesn’t end when the construction finishes. We are here for you after that too!

Warranty Programs

  • We are happy to support you however you need!

It is important to INFINTY that our customers are supported after the project completion. When construction has ended, we offer our clients customizable warranty programs that go above and beyond INFINITY’s standard one year guarantee and manufacturer’s warranties.

We believe in customer service, and our unique warranty programs are a perfect example of that. The bottom line is, we have not succeeded unless we have exceeded the client’s needs and expectations. This is just another one of those reasons why we standout in the industry as a premier construction firm.

About Standard Warranty Programs

  • This final step of the process is where we support you as you begin down your path. We offer different warranty programs to fit each customer. This allows for you to focus on your real priority – the business. Some items that are captured in this phase include:
    • Manufacturer Warranties
    • Standard or Customizable warranties
    • Ongoing support
    • Resource network

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  • Pre-construction is one of the most critical stages in the building process. It is during this phase that we work hand in hand with our clients to determine goals, create a shared vision, and lay out expectations.

Custom Design

  • Have a vision or dream? You have come to the right place. We help make that bring that vision to life, one step at a time.


Building Construction

  • New location or project all together? No problem! We are here to guide you through every step of the process.


Here is a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions.

If you can't find your question please call us at 410-255-9040, or fill out the form below with your question and we will back with you shortly. Thank you!

What can I do to keep cost down on my project?

Today’s interior design is typically a highly coordinated set of finishes that requires multiple layers of detail to forge the completed product. Multiple layers requires multiple craftsmen and sequences that drives the cost of the finish packages. When designing your concept pay special attention to the finishes and what they may or may not require. Equally it is invaluable to engage a General Contractor for pre-construction budgeting in conjunction with the design. The outcome is a predicted, educated, cost package encompassing the Design.

Does my project really require mechanical, electrical and plumbing?

Each project requires infrastructure to meet the design and operating intent of the space. There is some flexibility with the engineering and specifications but each and every project requires a custom set of M-E-P engineering to function correctly.  This is a fixed variable on projects that is typically 1/3 of the projects costs.

What makes Infinity different from other Contractors?

Infinity is a diverse group of individuals that focus’ on the industries hospitality market and beyond. We attribute our success to our talented construction managers who are hospitality vetted. The second part of the equation is that of our trade partners who have been with Infinity’s principals building in the hospitality market for decades. There is one common identity between all of Infinity’s personnel and trade partners, we all have the hospitality mindset of schedule and budget.

Does Infinity provide pre-construction services and budget?

Yes infinity provides all facets of pre-construction services including site survey, lease review, MEP testing, conceptual budgeting and scheduling. These fees are free to our clientele, because the right deal results in a positive building experience for our clients.

How much of Infinity’s work is hard bid?

85% of Infinity’s work is negotiated with our repeat clientele, we are extremely proud of our relationships and our ability to maintain a sterling performance. The remaining 15% of work that we do entertain are hard bid opportunity’s, or opportunity’s that are outside of the hospitality market, i.e. base building construction, higher education, unique structural work.

What are some of your past ventures?

We have a range of repeat clientele that start with simple coffee shops and run through 5+ million dollar one off restaurants.  We also have a number of well-established Restaurant groups that choose to hire Infinity one project after the other.  Our success has been built on long term relationships.

What size and type of Projects have you built?

See above answer #6

What are the first steps of planning a Construction Project?

We recommend you engage with a General Contractor early in the process as they can be a critical part of establishing your concepts budget. 

If three bids are not the way to find a quality contractor what is?

The answer is not much different from how you find the best surgeon. You need to check out the contractor’s reputation in the industry and experience building your type of project. The best way to do this is by asking for references and actually checking them. Call the references and ask them how the contractor did with key issues such as the schedule and the budget. Be sure to ask if the owner would hire them again. Find out if company has experience building your type of project. While a company may do a great job building schools, it may not have experience building restaurants or retail stores.

My Cousin has built a lot of custom homes, should I ask him to build my Restaurant?

Would you ask a foot and ankle specialist to perform open heart surgery? Of course not, just like in the medical field there are different skills required for different types of construction. A company that has a great track record in one type of construction may not have the skills to successfully build a different type of project.

What does a general contractor do?

The general contractor is the manager/boss of construction project.  The contractor selects the sub-contractors to provide each of the special services needed for the project, such as electricians, plumbers, painters, cabinetry, floor coverings, then coordinates the scheduling of these subcontractors and ensures that they are building to the standards set forth in the plans.


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